Hilary's Vegetarian Recipes

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Do you like good food? Want tasty and easy to make recipes? Then this app is for you. These are great recipes for family meals – this is not celebrity-chef cooking, just nutritious, tasty food. Vegetarian cooking is delicious, healthy and doesn’t have to be complicated with fancy ingredients. Try these recipes, youll love them.
The app includes a handy search feature: type in the main ingredients and get back a list of recipes containing them. Great for last minute shopping, or when you are looking at the contents of your fridge for inspiration.

About Hilary Semple:
When my husband found he felt better if he didn’t eat meat, I started cooking vegetarian food for him. I soon realised there was a need for tasty and uncomplicated recipes for everyday vegetarian meals. Over 20 years I have developed a collection of vegetarian recipes, tried and tested by family and friends in my kitchen. I hope you enjoy them.